Ryan McLean,

President and Founder

Ryan C. McLean is the founder and President of the Leadership Engagement Opportunity (LEO) Fund. The LEO Fund dream was born out of immersion learning experiences Ryan participated in during the completion of his Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.


During these immersions he was able to travel to Colombia on more than one occasion, learning and growing from his time with community leaders in neighborhoods around Cali, Colombia. Moved by his experiences, the friendships he made, the call to social justice and the tangible impacts of servant leadership he saw playing out in these vulnerable neighborhoods, Ryan knew he wanted to stay involved. Beginning with only a dream and a desire to remain connected to the work he discovered during his time in-country, Ryan has worked to formally establish the LEO Fund that seeks to support programs, projects and initiatives that allow for the growth and sustainability of processes that positively impact communities in Colombia, transforming issues that affect the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.


Ryan is a lifelong resident of Fort Collins, CO and is married with two adult children. He is an alum of Colorado State University (B.S.) and of Gonzaga University (M.A.).

Yeiffer Molina,


Morgan Owen,


Haley Stupasky,

Marketing and Communications Director

Morgan Owen has been involved with the LEO Fund since its early days, sharing in the experiences of the immersion course with Ryan in Cali, Colombia. She was drawn to the organization by its human-centered approach to community development and commitment to working in solidarity with local leaders. Morgan brings a unique international perspective from living in various places internationally, including areas of Latin America. Her work as a teacher in marginalized communities of the US are a constant reminder of the need for social change and common threads of injustice -- and collective liberation. She is passionate about breaking down the social systems that impoverish the Global South and promoting social change through the power of human connection. The LEO Fund was a fantastic fit. She grew up in Iowa and currently resides in Southern California.

Haley C. Stupasky directs marketing and communications for The LEO Fund. Near the end of her program to receive a Master of Arts in Communication & Leadership, she traveled to Cali, Colombia in 2019 for an immersion learning course, where she met Ryan and committed to the mission of LEO. This trip, amongst other international immersive experiences, affirmed Haley’s passion for communication as a means to building community and solidarity. It also encouraged her to expand the lens through which she views concepts of leadership and the power everyday people have through community organizing. Through her work with LEO she aims to highlight the impact of people-focused programs and to amplify the voices and ideas of community leaders in Cali, hoping these stories resonate across borders.


Haley is a proud Oregonian based in Portland, where she is on staff for the local Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program.